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Sunday, 30 March 2014

 CyanoPhylo: studies of 

cyanobacterial phylogeny

Anabaenopsis, a heterocystous cyanobacterium

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I initially created this blog to describe CyanoPhy, the Linux virtual hard disk for a virtual machine running under MS Windows or Mac OS, dedicated to studies of cyanobacterial phylogeny.

Subsequently, new pages have been added to describe various aspects of cyanobacterial phylogeny and the pitfalls to avoid in phylogenetic studies. Chimeric 16S rRNA sequences pose major problems. More pages will be added shortly, so please revisit this site for current and new information.

If you have already heard about CyanoPhy, you may wish to download the system without waiting further: please see below for a list of files to download. Otherwise, please read the Cyanobacterial phylogeny page for an introduction to CyanoPhy.


CyanoPhy may be downloaded here. The following paragraphs describe the download procedure and the files required.

The virtual hard disk, CyanoPhy_n.vdi (where n is a version number), has been compressed and split into 4 individual files, CyanoPhy.gz00 to CyanoPhy.gz03. Please download ALL 4 files, one at a time, as follows: hover the mouse cursor over the thumbnail, click the box that appears at the top left of this image, then click the top menu "More", selecting "Download";  select "Download anyway" when told that "Google Drive can't scan this file for viruses". Please note that the download time for each of the large compressed files will be about 20 minutes at 775 KB/sec. Accompanying documentation can be downloaded by hitting the shift + A keys to select all items, then deselecting the .gz files; accept the default "as is" download options. The files will be put together into a single zip file which you can unzip after download.

The documentation files are as follows. Readme.doc (this file with contact details added); Install.doc contains the assembly and installation instructions; Vbox_notes.doc includes full usage notes; phylo-lst.doc and prgs.doc list the phylogeny and general programmes installed in the .vdi, respectively; script.doc lists my own phylogenetic scripts; Arb_notes.doc is a summary of some of the many possibilities offered by this phylogenetic database

Vbox_notes.doc  and Arb_notes.doc may have been recently updated and should replace the versions included within the .vdi. 

Finally, please help in promoting the system by downloading Announce.doc; this (an abbreviated version of the present file) is intended for posting on bulletin boards, handing out to colleagues and general circulation by e-mail. Additionally, if you like the contents of this site and have access to a research or Culture Collection website, please add a link! Thank you for your help!


Michael Herdman may be contacted via e-mail at the address given at the end of the file Readme.doc.


 The micrograph at the top of this page was kindly provided by Rosmarie Rippka. 

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